Organ System

Organ Systems and Terminology Student Name Date 1 Pre-Lab Questions PLAN UP TO 2 HOURS FOR THIS LAB – if you want to split it up you can stop after Activity 1 (approximately 30min) and complete Activity 2 and 3 on a second day (approximately 1.5 hours). Read the Background provided on the lab instructions, information from your textbook, and any information provided in the READINGS area of the module to help you answer these pre-lab questions: 1. Watch this video to review Anatomical Terms and answer the following questions: a. **In your own words, how would you describe the anatomical position. Why is it important to use this as a frame of reference? b. **In your own words, describe the difference between a crosssectional section versus a longitudinal section? What types of food could I make using these two planes and a potato? c. **List the body systems in order from most superior to most inferior: Activity 1 1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: read through the activity and collect your materials 2. Carefully follow all lab manual instructions a. In general, scissors are used more frequently than the scalpel, especially when care must be taken to not cut too deeply into the specimen. b. Watch the following video: Cutting a Specimen i. **Which tools should you use to open the skin of your specimen? c. Watch the following video: Proper Scalpel Use i. **What type of grip should you be using to hold your scalpel? 3. **Insert the photo from Activity 1, step 8. The circle and “X” marking the cranial and caudal ends of the specimen should be visible in the photo. If they are not, add labels to the photo. 4. **In Activity 1, which layer of the cucumber was the most superficial: the skin, the flesh, or the seeds and pulp? Which layer was the deepest? (Note: If you used a banana, the only layers would be the skin and the flesh. Commercially available bananas do not have seeds.) © 2017 Carolina Biological Supply Company 2 5. In Activity 1, step 9, you created a series of cross-sections. **Insert a photo of your created sections and label each section type you created 6. **Were all of your sections identical with one another? Explain your answer. Activity 2 1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: read through the activity and collect your materials 2. **Create a small sheet of paper with your name and the date on it. Ensure this piece of paper is visible in all dissection photos. 3. Carefully follow all lab manual instructions and use your dissection mat to help you identify structures. 4. **Insert a photo(s) of the ventral side of your rat and label the structures listed below. Ensure your name and date are also visible in your photo: a. Label the photo “female” or “male” depending on the sex of the specimen. b. Label the following structures on your photo. Multiple photos can be inserted if needed: i. Naris ii. Incisor iii. Vibrissa iv. Manus v. Pes vi. Anus (if visible—in a male, it may be obscured by the scrotum) vii. If female: 1. Teat 2. Vaginal orifice viii. Urethral orifice If male: 1. Scrotum 2. Prepuce 3. Urogenital opening © 2017 Carolina Biological Supply Company 3 Activity 3 1. Now you will open your specimen and begin an internal investigation of the ventral body cavity. 2. Remember to take photos of listed structures and label them as indicated below. All photos should have your name and date visible in them. 3. **Insert the photo(s) from Activity 3 showing the ventral body cavity of the rat. The following structures should be indicated: • Trachea • Esophagus • Thymus • Heart • Lung • Diaphragm • Liver • Stomach • Spleen • Small intestine • Large intestine • Kidney • Ureter • Urinary bladder • If female: o Uterine horn o Ovary • If male: o Testis © 2017 Carolina Biological Supply Company 4 SUMMARY CASE STUDY Using the knowledge that you have gained in this lab, complete the case study below: Dr. Caldwell, the medical examiner for Central County, has been called away to an emergency and left you, his assistant, to finish filling in the rest of the autopsy report. **Use the autopsy information provided to correctly mark the diagram with the locations of the decedent’s injuries using the Draw menu in Microsoft Word. Alternatively, you can print the image, use a pen to document the injuries, and upload your work as a photo into this document. AUTOPSY REPORT DECEDENT: Harvey Higgins Autopsy authorized by: Dr. Addison Caldwell, Central County Identified by: Driver’s license and next of kin Rigor: present Length: 70 inches Livor: purple Weight: 165 pounds Age: 29 Eyes: brown Race: Asian Hair: black Sex: Male Body Heat: refrigerated History: Injured in car accident as the driver. Examination Notes: 1. Injuries to head a. Skull fracture on center inferior forehead. b. Superficial lacerations left anterior and posterior neck 2. Injuries to trunk a. Multiple anterior rib fractures b. Large contusion left posterior rib cage 3. Injuries to extremities a. Multiple left posterior metacarpal fractures b. Transverse laceration to anterior left thigh © 2017 Carolina Biological Supply Company 5 c. Fracture to posterior left tibia © 2017 Carolina Biological Supply Company

Organ System

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