Tiered Support Systems

Tiered Support Systems Describe at least two components of the Georgia MTSS system that are related to assessments. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to reflect on how important effective assessment practices are to MTSS. The link below takes you to the GADOE webpage for MTSS–explore the different resources on this page. … Read more

Article Writing Question

Assessment Instructions You will need to write an essay of 2000 words based on the following requirements. Taking the perspective of the IT manager of an organisation of your choice, discuss the implementation of a new information system or new technological innovation within the organisation. You will choose one of the organisations listed in the … Read more

Ethics and the Legal Environment

Read Lifting the Patent Barrier to New Drugs and Energy Sources by Eduardo Porter on p. 393 of the textbook. After reading the article, please answer the following questions using content from your research. What is a patent troll? Please provide a modern-day example of a patent troll. Is there anything unethical about patent trolling? Explain. The … Read more

Advocating for STEM

Assessment Description: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is crucial for preparing students to meet the demands of the 21st century. STEM education in the early years helps children develop critical thinking skills and encourages inquiry and analysis. Although educators agree on the importance of STEM education in early childhood, common misconceptions about the … Read more

Public Service Question

Section 1: Specifically Identify One Film That Encapsulates the Course So Far Title Movie (year of release): Remember the Titans (2000) Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama Briefly (in no more than 75 words) explain why you think your chosen movie encapsulates the course so far. Section 2: Plot Synopsis Provide a very succinct summary of the … Read more

Loggerhead turtle and Leatherback turtle

Answer the following questions with references: 1) what are the best airfoils for fins (forelimb) cross-section for both Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles? 2) compare their forelimb motions e.g. cycle time, pitching angle, heaving amlitudes. Loggerhead turtle and Leatherback turtle We offer the best custom writing paper services. We have answered this question before and we can also … Read more

Anxiolytic Agents

Anxiolytic Agents Instructions: Case Discussion on Anxiety: A 25-year-old male presents to your clinic because he is having difficulty his new job. He works at a consulting firm. He states it is hard for him to give presentations due to concerns that he will embarrass himself and his peers will think less of him. To avoid … Read more

professional practice statement

Each student will be required to develop a professional practice statement. The assignment should be a thoughtful and reflective essay that addresses the student’s reasons for becoming an advanced practice registered nurse, personal philosophy for nursing practice, and goals for the future.    The paper should be approximately 2-3 pages, including references (2-3 references please). … Read more

Public Health

The main goal of public health is to prevent diseases and promote health of a population level. Using the Internet, identify, research, and read about a public health issue of your interest. Based on your research, express your views on the following: What is the difference between public health and individual health? How does the … Read more

Health Issues

Health Issues in Your Community For your project, you will visit the CDC website and select an article that addresses a health issue of your interest (for example, H1N1, obesity, diabetes, asthma, teenage pregnancy, etc.). Click  to visit the CDC website. Addressing the following questions: What public health issue have you selected and why? Provide a … Read more